Roof Sealing & Coating Scotland

Once the roof has been thoroughly cleaned and the repairs have been completed and mortar has cured then the next stage in the process is to apply two coats of either a roof sealer or roof coating.

Some roof coating firms prefer to hand paint the entire roof structure  assuring customers that a hand painted job is a much better finish than an airless sprayer. Effectively the homeowner is paying for and extra 2/3 days labour charge which is totally unnecessary and given the absorbent nature of freshly cleaned concrete tiles an application by brush will not effectively penetrate or protect the surface.

A professional level airless sprayer is very expensive to purchase but is worth the expense for the contractor that takes there work seriously and wants to achieve a superb finish. The equipment ensures a much more accurate rate of coverage and at an even and consistent flow to ensure the coating penetrates as deeply into the surface as is possible.

For homeowners that prefer a clear finish then a two coat application of Smartseal's clear acrylic sealer is the recommended course of action, this will seal the surface aiding in inhibiting moss and algae growth as preserving the colour of the tile.

Alternatively a choice of colours is available to apply to the tiles to reinvigorate and totally refresh the roof tiles as well as inhibiting moss and algae growth. Prior to the application via an airless spray unit we will hand cut in the perimeter and around the chimney stacks and sheet/cover any skylights and dormer windows to limit any over spray. Prior to the coating an fungicidal biowash is applied to kill off any remaining moss or aglae spores, two coats of coating is then applied with a suitable drying time allowed between each application.

A full site tidy is conducted and we ensure customers are entirely satisfied with the work and out come achieved prior to payment.

The aesthetic appeal is dramatic and you are going to be the envy of neighbours and friends when they see the completed work.

For homeowners in Scotland looking for a FREE roof survey and no obligation roof cleaning quote, please call 0800 849 9498. Alternatively, you can also make your enquiry online. Our roof cleaners cover most areas in Scotland including Ayr, Paisley, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Stirling, Dunfermline, Perth, Aberdeen and Inverness.

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Roof Sealing & Coating Scotland image
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