Roof Cleaning Scotland

The roof cleaning environment is not one that the homeowner is generally set up for. The  equipment, adhering to  Health and Safety legislation and dangers of working at heights is something best left to professionally established and equipped companies.

The key with any work is in the preparation and we can assure you that Smartseal registered installers work to the highest standards to ensure all surfaces are prepared for an application of a roof sealer or roof coating.

Our registered installers have invested a lot of money in purchasing the latest roof cleaning equipment, powerful, Honda-engined pressure washers that operate at higher pressures than the typical unit that may be owned by the homeowner, 30 metre long dual-core hoses and some  use the Mosmatic Rotary Roof Cleaner with vacuum recovery unit, depending on the type of roof being worked upon.

The first stage is usually pre-treating the area with the powerful Moss Clear product, which, while it contains bio-degradeable ingredients and doesn't contain bleach or acid, removes all types of green growth; not only moss but also algae and lichens which inhabit so many roofs in the county.

The next stage is pressure washing the area thoroughly using the equipment as described above.

This usually delivers amazing results.

For protecting the roof and keeping it in that condition, we recommend applying Smartseal™ Roof Sealer, which is a clear, solvent-based sealer or Smartseal™ Roof Coating which is water-based and is available in various colours to bring your roof colour back to its former vibrancy or change it completely if you wish. 

We have registered installers covering all of Scotland and would encourage you to call us to arrange a FREE quotation at a price that quotes for the work and not for the significant additional commissions payable to canvassing teams and the "sales" person.

For homeowners in Scotland looking for a FREE roof survey and no obligation roof cleaning quote, please call 0800 849 9498. Alternatively, you can also make your enquiry online. Our roof cleaners cover most areas in Scotland including Ayr, Paisley, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Stirling, Dunfermline, Perth, Aberdeen and Inverness.

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Roof Cleaning Scotland image
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